Marketing Analytics

Adwords and Analytics


marketing_analyticsWe love data! With the technology available now for Carassius website analytics, tons of data can be extracted that generate tangible results.  Some of the more useful things are keywords and referring URLs.  This tells you what words they search to find you, and what websites are referring traffic to you. cheap mlb jerseys You can manipulate your pages to refine this traffic.  Or, spend more time marketing on sites that refer more traffic Spinner and drop докладе the duds.  This cheap NFL jerseys is the most relevant data in regards to marketing your website.

Using Google Analytics we can generate reports based on any variable to track your website performance.


Recently we have Dieta been involved with the front end development of using a responsive CSS based theme.  This led to Welcome taking over the current Adwords campaign for the organization.  In a matter of weeks we have optimized the account to perform as well on only 15% of the keywords.  Literally thousands of keywords were cheap NFL jerseys purged from the system and targeted campaigns were generated optimizing specific keywords.  These smaller targeted campaigns keep the system wholesale NBA jerseys flexible to spend the budget only where needed and focus traffic where it counts.  With Analytics, we also were able to integrate conversion tracking inside Adwords for Remboursé the most Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys real form of performance tracking we have ever seen.  Amazing really..