Cowl Plug Preview

Cowling Plug – Rapid Prototyping

This is a project that I have been working on as part of my Computer Aided Drafting education.  It is a rather big project as it involves a wide variety of skill sets.  Below I’ll explain the overall process. The current prototype airplane I am building is going to require an engine cowling and spinner for the propeller.  I was …

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Sport Class Feature

Websites – Sport Class Air Racing

I have been racing my airplane in the Sport Class each year during the Reno Air Races.  In order to bring the group and website up to speed I redesigned it using a great WordPress based theme.  It has a lot of cool features and works on every device clearly and easily.  Not only does it provide pilot information but …

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Insulgrid Website Feature

Websites – Insulgrid

Insulgrid is a new manufacturer of Insulated Concrete Forms, otherwise known as ICF blocks.  These blocks are easily assembled to build concrete filled walls for a very quick and very strong construction.  The site is based on the Twitter Bootstrap foundation using CSS3 to create responsive pages for mobile devices.  Some of the other jobs required were editing and compiling …

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Vettix Feature

Websites – VetTix

Laminar Consulting has been working with VetTix for a number of years.  Although in no way can I take credit for the amazing hand built content management system that processes FREE tickets for Veterans, I can say that I helped design the pages that the users see and use.  This is also a Twitter Bootstrap based CSS website so it …

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Foxfire Website Feature

Websites – Foxfire Events

Recently completed this website for FoxFire Events!  This is also a WordPress powered site that has a few unique features.  FoxFire Events is an event planning agency so we built a theme that includes an event manager.  New events can managed from the content management system as well as photo galleries, blog posts, mail lists and general information pages.  This …

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