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Laminar Consulting can create a website for your business that covers all aspects. From the front end design, to the back end SEO, it will serve you well.

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Laminar Consulting Web Store

Web Stores

Building your web store involves many steps. Laminar Consulting can take you from start to finish affordably.

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Laminar Consulting LLC can assist in many forms of marketing including traditional forms like email, social marketing such as facebook, twitter, linked in and youtube.

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Computer Aided Drafting

CAD Design

We offer in house CAD services for any type of product. Let us bring your hand drawings up to high quality CAD files at an affordable cost.

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Photo and Video Editing

Laminar Consulting has been editing photo and video for 8 years including HD content. This is a requirement to market in today's media-heavy world.

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Below you will find some of the recent work we have completed in a wide variety of specialties.  Anything from Web Design, Web Stores, CAD Design, we do it all.  If you have a project that requires one of our many skills, please contact us and we would be happy to get involved!

Tom McNerney
Laminar Consulting LLC

GTL 07

Reverse Engineering – Brackets

Often customers have a usable part but no digitized data to support it.  This project required defining accurate dimensions and creating a 3D modeled part based on a prototype.  I experimented with SolidWorks with the intent to learn the software and the workflow within it.  These skills will be refined as I continue my education.

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Unleashed Shirt Sample

2012 Unleashed Fan Sponsor Program

Another example of pre-marketing we used with our own racing airplane.  We share the majority of our small projects with our fans leading up to the big race each year.  Many of these fans would share the projects generating a viral marketing of sorts.  Once we had a good base going, we announced a fan sponsor program including team shirts.  …

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Marketing Analytics

Adwords and Analytics

Analytics We love data! With the technology available now for Carassius website analytics, tons of data can be extracted that generate tangible results.  Some of the more useful things are keywords and referring URLs.  This tells you what words they search to find you, and what websites are referring traffic to you. cheap mlb jerseys You can manipulate your pages …

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Spinner Overhaul

Rapid Prototype – Spinner

This project shows the rapid 3D design flow from 3D concept, CNC’d production cheap mlb jerseys tooling and manufactured part.  I based this project in Rhino because I seem to have a much better grasp of manipulating NURBS surfaces with this software.  This may are change The as I continue my education. This first part cheap jerseys is one of …

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Specialized consulting services in many different areas.