CAD Design

Editors Note:

Currently I (Tom McNerney) am enrolled in the 2014 Spring-Summer-Fall classes to earn my Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) Certificate.  The goal is to make what I am already doing, more formal.  During this period I am offering contract services much like the examples below.  Contact Me if you are interested in discussing your project.
Tom McNerney

Example Projects:

In order to demonstrate the abilities of Laminar Consulting I have included some example projects that we have completed with a brief description below.

Individual Piece Parts – AutoCAD

These are some examples of CNC’d aluminum parts for the experimental aviation industry.  The parts required specific dimensions for production manufacturing.


Complex Schematics – AutoCAD

Completing a contract for a customer updating schematics to correctly display changes to this complex system.  In these cases, power and control schematics.


Reverse Engineering – SolidWorks

Often customers have a usable part but no digitized data to support it.  This project required defining accurate dimensions and creating a 3D modeled part based on a prototype.  I experimented with SolidWorks with the intent to learn the software and the workflow within it.  These skills will be refined as I continue my education.


Rapid Prototyping – Rhino

This project shows the rapid 3D design flow from 3D concept, CNC’d production tooling and manufactured part.  I based this project in Rhino because I seem to have a much better grasp of manipulating NURBS surfaces with this software.  This may change as I continue my education.

This first part is one of an assembly of parts for the spinner that attaches to the propeller of an airplane.  In this case, the forward bulkhead on a Hartzell compact hub propeller.


The rear bulkhead is much more simple as it is essentially only two dimensional.  The 2D CAD dimensions have been simplified for web use.


The most important part is the spinner dome itself.  Here it is shown modeled in 3D, CNC’d plug and subsequent mold.


Below represents the assembly as a 3D concept to a working part at over 300 mph.


If there is any CAD service you need we are interested to hear about your project.  Be sure to Contact Us to start the process.