This could quickly become a long and boring paragraph..  To prevent that, we are going to use examples of marketing efforts we have used previously.


For starters, we are firm believers in pre-marketing.  Meaning, if you have an idea for something that you are going to want to sell, start marketing while it is still an idea.  This will pay off dividends during the release of the actual product, as you should have some momentum to build on.  If you haven’t figured out yet, we deal with a lot of airplane stuff so we will use that as some of our examples.

Laminar Consulting aided in the development of a new model of experimental aircraft.  I started sharing small bits of information before the airplane was completed.  All of this information was branded with the company logo.  Mainly photos and short videos showing some of the new parts.  In this case, new retractable landing gear.  The idea being future customers would be excited to hear the progress of the aircraft and look forward to its official release.  See the videos to the right.

Mag_Cover_WebWe were able to film the first flight of the aircraft and share that video as well. (Video #3) This was key to the marketing effort and the company itself, bringing the idea to reality and inviting people in to the process. Not only does this generate more interest, but we also believe it builds the value of the product itself. When the customer witnesses the effort to create it, the value is understood and justified.

This marketing momentum generated enough interest we secured the cover of one of the most popular trade magazines!

Unleashed_Shirt_SampleAnother example of pre-marketing we used with our own racing airplane.  We share the majority of our small projects with our fans leading up to the big race each year.  Many of these fans would share the projects generating a viral marketing of sorts.  Once we had a good base going, we announced a fan sponsor program including team shirts.  This allowed the fans to be a part of the racing effort.  We announced the shirt design and pre-sold many shirts before we even placed the first print order!

On top of the marketing aspect, we have to brag a little bit and admit that is one good looking team shirt!  We designed the shirt using Adobe Illustrator as vector art, this way it can be sized to any application and maintain accuracy.  We are now familiar with screen printing requirements.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a term we don’t use much.  The only way for something to become “viral” is an appeal to a wide variety of people, and the desire for them to share that piece of marketing.  That is a tough thing to purposely create.  Many ideas never take off, but if one of them does, it can be a gold mine!  If you are marketing a niche product, it works well.  If it is something generic, viral marketing is wasted effort in our opinion.

That being said, our primary source for a viral type of marketing is YouTube or direct email marketing. For it to be viral, it needs to be packed with content. Video works best, photos second best. Text is last in our opinion. Social media can be used for this as well, but with caution. It is easy for opinions to become fact in the social world, something you want to avoid. So if you do use something like Facebook for your business marketing, it needs to be monitored and active. Post often, with media, and it will work. Nobody likes a Facebook business page with 10 likes and no posts. It can devour time doing this, so this is why we often say proceed with caution.


marketing_analyticsWe love data! With the technology available now for website analytics, tons of data can be extracted that generate tangible results.  Some of the more useful things are keywords and referring URLs.  This tells you what words they search to find you, and what websites are referring traffic to you. You can manipulate your pages to refine this traffic.  Or, spend more time marketing on sites that refer more traffic and drop the duds.  This is the most relevant data in regards to marketing your website.

Using Google Analytics we can generate reports based on any variable to track your website performance.


Recently we have been involved with the front end development of using a responsive CSS based theme.  This led to taking over the current Adwords campaign for the organization.  In a matter of weeks we have optimized the account to perform as well on only 15% of the keywords.  Literally thousands of keywords were purged from the system and targeted campaigns were generated optimizing specific keywords.  These smaller targeted campaigns keep the system flexible to spend the budget only where needed and focus traffic where it counts.  With Analytics, we also were able to integrate conversion tracking inside Adwords for the most real form of performance tracking we have ever seen.  Amazing really..